About me

 I was born in Zurich on 1st September 1962, the first child of Willem van der Mark and Maria Luisa Morán Sánchez. The Genealoge can be consulted at the following link: http://www.vandermark.ch/vdmark-moran/190.html.

On 6th July 1990 I got married and was divorced on 20th October 1993. From this marriage came my two children, who gave me much pleasure. Willem Patrik (Wim) was born 6th September 1990 and Michèle Marisa arrived on 24th March 1992. After the divorce I was fortunate to obtain that they could come every weekend to me and enabled to maintain good contact with them. Some years later Wim decided to live with me. He moved in on 10th December 2004 and on 28th February 2005 the court transferred the custody to me. From this moment on, both children were alternately either with their mother or with me and, unfortunately, during this time I saw Michèle every 2nd or 3rd weekend. Time went by and finally Michèle decided that she wanted to live with me as well. This, with the help of the authorities in Näfels, Michèle moved also on 1st May 2009 to Winterthur. Now we live the three of us in the new apartment, which offers enough space for the three of us.

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